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Biz Media Marketing & Consulting 
Building sustainable & scalable business solutions.
Our Core Competencies

Video & Social Media Marketing Systems

 Amplify your customer reach and capture new audiences on social media. Our stategies & Systems will teach step by step application for modern day use of social media to build brand awareness and online conversion.

Media Production & Live Streaming Services

refresh the look of your brand's online presence and better communicate what you stand for and how you help others with Video.

Visual Branding Makeovers & Image Consulting

We already know you have an amazing business & that's why we are committed to help your brand show up that way. Our Visual Branding makeovers & Consulting will not only help your brand stand out, it will also help you become seen and known for the things that you desire!

Corporate / Staff Training & Development

We believe that organizational change starts & is sustained with its people. This is why our approach provides a heavy emphasis on people, processes, technology and metrics
  • Need New Customers? - We Can Help With That! 
We provide consulting resources to the Federal Government and Fortune 500 Companies across all industry verticals. We thrive on the challenge to ensure our clients’ success in fulfilling its mission objectives.
"Your Business Doesn't Need Another Marketing Strategy, It Needs A Selling System."
Alexa is Our trademark pending digital selling system that combines the power of video with business automation for better marketing results. Think of it as a completely automated way of bringing you new & consistent paying customers, on demand.
"What Can This System Really Do For You?"
It Will Help The Right Audience Find You, Without You Going To Find Them!
Our system helps people find you. but not just any people, the kind of people who are already interested in what you offer as a business. so you dont waiste time or money showing your ads to people who aren't ready to buy. This feature alone will save you thousands in ad spend a year. 
It Increases Your Social Media Presence, Visibility & Online Engagement
Chances are your customer is online and more specifically on social media. our system will help you target ideal clients on social media that are in your area and puts your advertising dollars in front of them consistently reminding them of how your company can serve them.
It Creates A Systematic Approach To How You'll Get New Leads & Customers
Don't guess about how you are going to bring in clients this month. Our system gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what will bring customers in your door again & again
It Automates Customer Inquiries & Sales Transactions
You focus on serving the client, let our system bring the client to your door on autopilot. Our system completely automates the process of you booking appointments and taking payments over the phone saving your company time and personell training. 
It is Easy To Use & Manage Even if its just you, & Your're NOt A Techy person 
We understand that you probably don't have a bunch of time to spend mastering complicated technology to get results, thats why we have created our system to be super easy to use and manage even if you are not so techy. 
It Gives You Total Control Of Your Sales Campaign 
Get as many customers as you need, when you need them. we wont ever require you to extend your campaigns for any set schedule. You decide whats riht for you. made the extra money you wanted to bring in, great!
It It Provides Your Customer With Incentive To Share Your Business With Friends 
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It Provides Your Customer With Incentive To Share Your Business With Friends!
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Business Problems Our Systems Help Solve
  •  We need to reach new customers and capture new markets.
  •  We need to refresh the look of our brand and better communicate what we stand for.
  •  We need to build a customer-savvy organization and deliver highly valued customer experiences
  •  We need to get our staff excited and onboard with upcoming organizational changes
San Antonio Regional Leadership Team
Valeria Marin 
Accounts Management Director
Valeria s the customer service manages all agency accounts wit
Kimberly Flowers
Creative Director
Kimberly is the founder and creative director of Biz media Marketing & Consulting agency. Expanding her clients reach is what motivates her success. 
Stacy Kay
Chief Operations Manager
Stacy is a powerhouse of Business experience, knowledge and capability. Over three decades of working with the world’s leading brands have given Stacy a reputation as a proven industry leader. 
Our Approach
We align your company’s unique strengths, people & products with strategy's & optics that match!
Investing to get your customers better results & the enhance their overall experience with your company is some of the most important investments a company can make.

Our methodology is collaborative, holistic, and highly rigorous with multiple research  resources so decisions are made with certainty and  time efficiently. This proven approach liberates us to think strategically and creatively, and is managed with precision. 
Additional Capabilities
Other Ways We Help Get You Results
  • Personell management consulting
  •  Marketing management consulting
  •  Productivity improvement consulting services
  •  Public relations consulting services
  •  Media streaming services
  •  Social networking sites, Internet
  •  Marketing management consulting services
  •  Marketing research services
  •  Crafting + Refining Corporate Strategy
  •  Creating Business Line + Product Strategy Plans
  •  Developing Competitive Strategic Plans
  •  Competitive Benchmarking
  •  Competitive Intelligence Process Consulting
  •  Developing Marketing Strategy Plans including Advising Product Development, Pricing + Distribution
  •  Identifying Long-Term Strategy Through Scenario Planning + Other Simulation Techniques
  •  Refining or Creating Sales + Marketing Messaging and Vehicles
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